Batman: Arkham Asylum

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I really liked this one. Ok, I've been a long time Batman fan but even if you are not, the game is great and you'll have a nice time with it. They used the old designs, that is, grey suit for Batman (black cape instead of blue) and purple suit for the Joker. The story however is modern and nicely scripted.

About the profile:
This is the v1.0 layout:

It feels a bit strange to use G7 as an M-state toggle but it actually works.
Items 1 to 4 are bound to the stick. The same goes for items 5 to 8, although this are in M2 so you have to press G7 to access them.
I created an Evade macro that simply double-taps the space bar so you don't have to do it yourself. I also bound the map key twice so you can press it with either your thumb or your little finger.

And little more. Here's the link:

Logitech G13 profile for Batman: Arkham Asylum

If you have any suggestion or correction please don't hesitate.


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