Starcraft II

Today's profile is:

To be honest this profile should be regarded as a beta. I'm currently working on it. I just created the macros and placed some keys here and there but the profile is still far from being complete. It will take a bit, just like the DoW II profile did.
Any suggestion will be much appreciated, because I didn't play the first Starcraft and I'm a bit lost. 

Here's the v1.0 layout:

I bound the camera to the stick, which has proven to be very handy. 
The group numbers will very likely stay the same but other keys might change in a future revision.
I'm currently playing the campaing in order to gather some experience. As soon as I finish it I'll update the profile.
Until then here is the link:

Logitech G13 profile for StarCraft II v1.1


Feel free to post any correction or suggestion you have.

August 5 2010,
I added a few more macros and I corrected the profile (former version had two keys for Patrol). No big change but anyway here it is the v1.1.
I changed the link so it now points to the new version.

August 20 2010,
Here's a picture of many but not all the commands I coded. It might help you to mod your layout.


  1. Thanks! I'll be checking this entry to get new scripts!

    Cheers :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it!
    I expect to have the next revision for this profile by August 5 at the latest.

    The next profile will probably be for Crysis, unless somebody comes up with a suggestion.
    It should be ready in less than a week.

    Hope you like it too! :-D

  3. Thanx for the profile. Excelent layout, mate.

  4. Thanks dvotruba!

    I uploaded version 1.1
    It has some more macros but overall there aren't any big changes.

  5. Thanks for your input Matthijs, I hope you like it.

  6. all the keys are wrong..g8 is patrol

  7. my bad i had my hotkeys on GRID

  8. All hotkeys use the default mode, I should have said that. Thanks for pointing that out :-)

  9. Not to rag on your setup man, but it's pretty much useless in anything but Normal difficulty single player. It has no functionality for building units or using any unit abilities, forcing the player to simply use the mouse to perform all these functions.


    This is the layout I'm currently toying around with using the Grid keybind layout. It allows every function in the game to be performed from the G13. I'm still getting used to it, but it seems to be working alright. I just need to find some functions to chuck in the unassigned buttons.

    You're welcome to pilfer it and improve on it :)

  10. Thanks for your input!

    Well yes it has functionality for bulding units and using unit abilites. It can happen that not all of them are actually there but there are quite a lot.

    It just happens that some keys have different functions depending on the unit or building you choose.
    Anyway, the layout is based on my personal preference, like for example having unit hot keys in the first row. But since I introduced almost all keys you can change it with ease:


    Grid mode is better for this kind of games, you are very right there. But I just wanted to make a profile that would work with default settings.
    I like your layout, is simple and clean.

    Thanks for your comment mate!

  11. megaupload doesnt work anymore, help? :)

    1. Hello Reed D!

      Yes,MegaUpload is down and so are the profiles. However, if you check the last entry on the blog, I left a link where you can download the whole profile collection.

      The link is:

      I hope it helps!

  12. Link at mediafire is not working anymore.

    If you don't mind, and are not seeking payment, please consider releasing this as a torrent. That way it will never go down. Ever. I'd personally seed this for the next ten years I'd be so grateful not to have to manually program my G13.

  13. Hello Andy,
    Don't worry, I'm already working on a new blog.
    Meanwhile please use this link for the file.


    It's a .lgp file, which means it's older but I believe it will work ok with the new Logitech software if you change the extension from .lgp to .xml
    If it doesn't work please tell me and I'll update the file as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much for your support!

  14. Huge thanks for this, I'm new to SC and really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you very much for your warm words, I hope you enjoy the profile :)