Modern Warfare 2

Today's profile is: 

Pretty simple indeed, but still I must make a pair of comments:

I added a Cycle Weapons macro. It just does that: it changes your main weapon.
It's based on the mouse wheel, so if you remove the mouse wheel up or down option to select weaponit will stop working.

I also added a toggle crouch macro. You must first assign key 0 to it in the control menu because by default it's not activated.

I repeated the melee stick, but since MW2 doesn't support lean, I just placed the melee attack to all four stick directions. You can't complain now that you didn't find the button when you needed!

Here's the link to the download. 
Modern Warfare 2 MW2 Logitech G13 profile:

And that's all for now!


Battlefield Bad Company 2

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 Straight to the profile:

The profile uses both M1 and M2 keyboard maps.
The M1 map is the infantry one. You have the four weapon slots to the left while the right column is used for "administrative" stuff like optiones, score etc.
The profile is pretty much like the standard one except for the map, wich you can now use with your thumb, and the stick, that is now used for melee attacks much like the previous Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare profile did. This time though, the melee is activated by moving the stick to the left or right instead of up and down. 

I also attached the UAV up and down controls to the stick so you can move it vertically while horizontally too.

The Rifle macro is present in a pair of keys so whatever you do, you will always have fast access to your weapon. I use a Logitech G9x mouse and I also attached the Rifle button to one of the programmable keys, and I think it's much convenient but not everybody owns this mouse so I just placed the macro here and there.

This time the M2 keyboard map is really useful. I think of it as the "vehicle profile" and thus I set the stick to act as a joystick so you have better control of the chopper. Remember that this requires that you configure your in game controls.

Another change is that the five seats can be accesible from the left keys, so you can shift places with ease.

About the toggle script: I decided not to include it because it gives too much troubles. There are several scripts out there that do this, but none of them work 100% right and that is because the nature of the G13. Due to the way it manages scripts, it's almost impossible to create one that works perfectly.
Besides, after a few days playing I got used to the system just like it is and I don't mind about it anymore.

So after all the chat, here is the profile:

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Logitech G13 profile:



v1.2 Update!!

Here's v1.2
Do you miss old Q coms menu? Don't panic, now M3 has lots of communication macros.

I've added a script to G24. While you keep it pressed you turn the actual keyboard layout to M3. Now you can ask for ammo, repairs or even tease the enemy without stopping to write.
However, keep in mind that this is not an in-game feature but a macro. I recommend you not to press any other key while you run it (les than 0.2 secs or so)

There's aother new feature: Double Tap macro. When in M1, by moving the stick to the right you will fire two shots. AND you will keep firing as long as you push the stick to the right. 
Now you can fire bursts with a pistol, but try it with an M16: full-auto man!!

Keep an eye on the ammo gauge though!


PD: There was a problem with the profile link targeting the old file. It's fixed now.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Profile

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By now I guess you all now this game so any further comment is just unnecessary chat. 
So here is the profile:

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare G13 Profile:

Some comments:
I've attached the melee button to the analog stick because a slight touch will trigger it, and you usually need to melee fast.
I also attached the lean buttons to the stick so you can move with your fingers while leaning with your thumb.

I know, leaning and slashing are not related and it might sound like nosense to have both attached to the stick, but believe me, it works great. 


Shattered Horizon

Today's profile:

Hi there!
If you like FPS games as much as I do then you will probably know Shattered Horizon, an original, zero gravity shooter.

I came across this game a few months ago when Steam launched a prove-it-for-free offer. I downloaded it because it was free but after a few minutes playing it I decided I had to buy this game. Tha playability is great and the game was fun indeed, but I just fell in love with the landscape. Such wonderful sights...

Since this is not intented to be a game review blog, I'll stop the chat and share the profile.

Shattered Horizon G13 profile:


A few comments:

I've created some macross that will allow you to shoot specific grenades without having to select them prior to shoot them.

In order to use this macross you should keep the button pressed for a second or two while the macro is playing, but despite this I think it's great for those lightning fast battles when you have to react quickly. Being able to launch ICE or Flash grenades without cycling, just pressing a button, might save you from being fragged!

The M1 keyboard map has all of them and it's designed for team play, with macross for chat and it's fully customized, while the M2 has less functions and has spare room for customizing.

The stick is used for movement so you don't have to use your mouse to toggle. It's so comfortable, I recommend you to test it before changing it.