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Hi there!
If you like FPS games as much as I do then you will probably know Shattered Horizon, an original, zero gravity shooter.

I came across this game a few months ago when Steam launched a prove-it-for-free offer. I downloaded it because it was free but after a few minutes playing it I decided I had to buy this game. Tha playability is great and the game was fun indeed, but I just fell in love with the landscape. Such wonderful sights...

Since this is not intented to be a game review blog, I'll stop the chat and share the profile.

Shattered Horizon G13 profile:


A few comments:

I've created some macross that will allow you to shoot specific grenades without having to select them prior to shoot them.

In order to use this macross you should keep the button pressed for a second or two while the macro is playing, but despite this I think it's great for those lightning fast battles when you have to react quickly. Being able to launch ICE or Flash grenades without cycling, just pressing a button, might save you from being fragged!

The M1 keyboard map has all of them and it's designed for team play, with macross for chat and it's fully customized, while the M2 has less functions and has spare room for customizing.

The stick is used for movement so you don't have to use your mouse to toggle. It's so comfortable, I recommend you to test it before changing it.


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  1. There was an error in the key bindings that prevented the frame counter and silent running mode to work. It's been corrected.
    In adittion now you can use yous sights with the previous framce counter button,so it's better than the previous version.
    The link has been changed.