Just Cause 2

Today's profile is:

 This game is amazing, there are lots of things to do and lots of goodies and extras to be found. 
The game is lots of fun, you can blow many things and in fact the game expects you to blow up lots of stuff.

However, there is an issue with controls on PC. 
Being this a Steamworks title, you can activate Steam's layout by pressing Shift+Tab at the same time. 
However, this game uses, by default "Shift" for running and "Tab" for dodging. This means if you try to run and dodge at the same time you will bring Steam's overlay. 

I strongly recommend you to change the in-game settings so Dodging uses any other key than tab. In this profile I'm using default settings, so the profile uses Shift to run and Tab to dodge. I'm doing this to make the profile compatible with default controls but you can change the keys, and in fact, I recommend you to change them.

So let's have a look at the layout:

 Weapons are changed using the stick. I also added the Grappling button to the stick so you can use it while moving (the standard "F" position means you can't move to the right and use the hook at the same time).
The same goes for Dodging and Handbrake. I placed them close to the stick so you can press them while moving. 
I placed the merc close to the ESC button to avoid pressing it accidentally during hot shootings.
The rest is pretty much obvious. 

The link:
Logitech G13 profile for Just Cause 2

I hope you like it.