Dead Space

Today's profile is:

Now, this is a great horror game. The atmosphere is so oppresive!
I've always enjoyed this kind of game, since the first time I played the original DOOM so many years ago.
But we are not here because of my personal preferences are we?

Let's go to the profile. Since I've just started playing this game, the layout may not be perfect. If I found any mistake I'll update the link.
As for now, the profile only uses the first memory state of the gaming keyboard, that is, M1.

The stick is used to navigate through the menus. The upper right corner has the four weapon slots, which can also be used to select Map, Inventory, Missions and  Database while in the RIG.
The left hand column has the usual ESC, TAB, SHIFT and CTRL keys, renamed according to their function in the game.
I tried to respect as much as possible the original layout but I had to change a pair of keys in order to keep the general key map as logical as possible.

I might make some changes as I go through the game but so far this profile seems to be Ok.

Here's the link:

Logitech G13 profile for Dead Space



Today's profile is:

Addictive as few, it's certainly one of my all times favourites.
It's very simple and so the profile is simple too. Just a few keys.
However, it's much more comfortable to play with a gaming keyboard so here comes the profile.

Since there were a lot of free keys I assigned Crouch and Jump to several keys, just for comfort.

To avoid accidents I placed the Quick Load macro in M2 layout. 

Logitech G13 profile for Portal:



Counter Strike: Source

Today's profile is:

I'm not a big fan of CS: Source  neither am I an expert CS player. However I do like to spread some lead from time to time. A friend of mine recently discovered the game so I started playing with him. And that required a new profile :-D

So I made this. It's by no means the definitive version. I know it can be improved but by now it works and it has enough features as to be introduced here.

You can see that since this game sports some nice pistols I placed a Double Tap macro right under the thumb. I tried to adjust the timings as accurately as I could but yet there's work to be done here. Next revision will address any oddity I find in this regard.

Weapons 1 to 4 are not just numbers 1 to 4. You know that when you choose a weapon you have to left click to activate it. However if you use this macros there's no need to do so and the weapon you pick may be fired just upon drawing it.

M2 is intended to be a "buy" menu:

I placed Item macros in a calculator fashion. It doesn't need lots of explanations, does it?

And that's all. If you test it and have any constructive input don't be shy and type it, any help will be appreciated.

ELASNO's Logitech G13 profile for CS: Source (Counter Strike: Source)



Mirror's Edge

Today's profile is:

This game doesn't certainly push the G13 features to the edge. There are just a few keys to be used but still it's much more comfortable to play using the G13 gaming keyboard than a standard one, so I decided to create the profile and share it with you.

I also decided not to create mixed jump/action macros since part of the fun is the timing between actions and recording this sequences would spoil the fun.

The only destacable feature is the stick:

I decided to place Turn/Reaction macros in this crossed layout so a rapid move of your thumb can trigger both if necessary.

And that's all for now.

Logitech G13 gaming Keyboard profile for Mirror's Edge:




Mass Effect

Today's profile is:

RPG's are not exactly my favourite games. It's a style I don't usually play. I don't hate RPG's, it just happens that I prefer FPS and RTS games.
However a friend of mine told me about this game and got me intrigued about the story so I decided to give it a go.
And as usual, as soon as I got used to the controls I made the profile for my gaming keyboard.

You play in M1 state, where you can find all four weapons, abilities up to the fourth, map, tactics etc. If you need to trigger any ability beyond the fourth you will have to keep pressed G24. This will shift your current M state to M3, which is the same as M1 except  for ability keys, which go from 5 to 8.

And that's all!

Logitech G13 profile for Mass Effect




Today's profile is:

I've just started playing this game and so far I have a good impression. I like the style and the landscape, and the story is attractive.
So I made this profile to have all keys and shortcuts handy. It's pretty simple, so I'll just show you a picture so you can have an idea.

Pretty standard FPS layout.  Shortcut for all four weapons, options etc. There are macros for page up / down so you can play without moving your hands of the G13.

So here is the link:
Logitech G13 profile for Borderlands




Today's profile is:

I'm still working on a fully functional profile that allows you to play Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising without rising your hand from your G13, but since this day's I'm having to browse Internet a lot, I decided I would create a profile loaded with Firefox's shortcuts and hotkeys.
And here it is!

This profile uses all the G keys. There are even more macros than keys so you should have a look at them, you might want to change some.

Let's start with M1:
The stick kind of navigates inside a page. You hace direct acces to the first six tabs and the last one with the upper row keys. There are keys nevertheless for previous and next tab so even if you browse a lot of tabs at the time (who doesn't?) you can easily jump between them.

There are shortcuts for copy&paste, URL and Search bar and pretty much what the screenshot shows:

M2 has CTRL, ALT, arrows etc so if you know Firefox shortcuts then you can manage yourself. I guess many users will find this useful. The stick remains the same but now G23, G24 and G25 are related to zoom. Great for big images etc:

 M3 has shortcuts for Calculator, Notepad and the G13 profiler itself so you can re-bind keys if you don't feel comfortable. It also features numbers from 0 to 9 and some other macros I thougt you may find useful:

 And that's all. Here's the link, I hope you like it.

Logitech G13 profile for Firefox Browser:

See ya!


Dawn of War II & Chaos Rising

Today's profile is:

The most useful key is the stick, which works as the camera. Quiete useful.
G-key 23 is a hot key for your HQ, and G-key 24 has assigned a shor script that shifts the mapping to M2. 

While you keep pressed G24the M will shift from 1 to 2. This way you can access the M2 shortcuts easier.

June 17,

I finished the profile and I'm very happy the way it works now.

Explanation here:

This is the M1 key map. From here you can control units and dance your enemy. The stick works the same as before: first row includes hotkeys for units, second row includes commands like attack, jump, melee etc...

Third row uses global req. There's a change from the previous version of this profile, I added a key for F6 so Space Marines can call Orbital Bombardment.

The big diference comes here though. A picture of M2:

There's a logic in how shortcuts have been added.

Suppose you want to recruit some Cultists. You have to press C, but where in the G13 is letter key?
Let see a QWERTY keyboard:

C is located in the third row. The first key from the left is Z, which is already in use for melee in M1 so it's not repeated in M2. The next key is X which is the fall back key in M1, so it's not in M2. Then comes the C. C is the first key that is not already present on M1 so C in the G13 is the first key on the third row.
It's easy when you use ir a pair of times.

Here is the new link
Logitech G13 profile for Dawn of War II & Chaos Rising:



Update: there was a problem with the link which is fixed now.