Dead Space

Today's profile is:

Now, this is a great horror game. The atmosphere is so oppresive!
I've always enjoyed this kind of game, since the first time I played the original DOOM so many years ago.
But we are not here because of my personal preferences are we?

Let's go to the profile. Since I've just started playing this game, the layout may not be perfect. If I found any mistake I'll update the link.
As for now, the profile only uses the first memory state of the gaming keyboard, that is, M1.

The stick is used to navigate through the menus. The upper right corner has the four weapon slots, which can also be used to select Map, Inventory, Missions and  Database while in the RIG.
The left hand column has the usual ESC, TAB, SHIFT and CTRL keys, renamed according to their function in the game.
I tried to respect as much as possible the original layout but I had to change a pair of keys in order to keep the general key map as logical as possible.

I might make some changes as I go through the game but so far this profile seems to be Ok.

Here's the link:

Logitech G13 profile for Dead Space


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