Mass Effect

Today's profile is:

RPG's are not exactly my favourite games. It's a style I don't usually play. I don't hate RPG's, it just happens that I prefer FPS and RTS games.
However a friend of mine told me about this game and got me intrigued about the story so I decided to give it a go.
And as usual, as soon as I got used to the controls I made the profile for my gaming keyboard.

You play in M1 state, where you can find all four weapons, abilities up to the fourth, map, tactics etc. If you need to trigger any ability beyond the fourth you will have to keep pressed G24. This will shift your current M state to M3, which is the same as M1 except  for ability keys, which go from 5 to 8.

And that's all!

Logitech G13 profile for Mass Effect



  1. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work!!

    One question: how did you get the G24 key to say "Commando" rather than "Script"??

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your input!

    I use the Spanish version of the software. It sais "Commando" because that's how the guys at Logitech translated the term "Script". It doesn't make any sense in Spanish but I can't edit it.

    I hope this explanation satisfies you :)

  3. Hi ELASNO,

    Thank you for the explanation, that makes sense. At first, I thought you may have discovered a way to change the label, but I guess we are all stuck with whatever label out localization provides.

    Thanks again for all your sharing!