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I'm still working on a fully functional profile that allows you to play Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising without rising your hand from your G13, but since this day's I'm having to browse Internet a lot, I decided I would create a profile loaded with Firefox's shortcuts and hotkeys.
And here it is!

This profile uses all the G keys. There are even more macros than keys so you should have a look at them, you might want to change some.

Let's start with M1:
The stick kind of navigates inside a page. You hace direct acces to the first six tabs and the last one with the upper row keys. There are keys nevertheless for previous and next tab so even if you browse a lot of tabs at the time (who doesn't?) you can easily jump between them.

There are shortcuts for copy&paste, URL and Search bar and pretty much what the screenshot shows:

M2 has CTRL, ALT, arrows etc so if you know Firefox shortcuts then you can manage yourself. I guess many users will find this useful. The stick remains the same but now G23, G24 and G25 are related to zoom. Great for big images etc:

 M3 has shortcuts for Calculator, Notepad and the G13 profiler itself so you can re-bind keys if you don't feel comfortable. It also features numbers from 0 to 9 and some other macros I thougt you may find useful:

 And that's all. Here's the link, I hope you like it.

Logitech G13 profile for Firefox Browser:

See ya!

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