Dawn of War II & Chaos Rising

Today's profile is:

The most useful key is the stick, which works as the camera. Quiete useful.
G-key 23 is a hot key for your HQ, and G-key 24 has assigned a shor script that shifts the mapping to M2. 

While you keep pressed G24the M will shift from 1 to 2. This way you can access the M2 shortcuts easier.

June 17,

I finished the profile and I'm very happy the way it works now.

Explanation here:

This is the M1 key map. From here you can control units and dance your enemy. The stick works the same as before: first row includes hotkeys for units, second row includes commands like attack, jump, melee etc...

Third row uses global req. There's a change from the previous version of this profile, I added a key for F6 so Space Marines can call Orbital Bombardment.

The big diference comes here though. A picture of M2:

There's a logic in how shortcuts have been added.

Suppose you want to recruit some Cultists. You have to press C, but where in the G13 is letter key?
Let see a QWERTY keyboard:

C is located in the third row. The first key from the left is Z, which is already in use for melee in M1 so it's not repeated in M2. The next key is X which is the fall back key in M1, so it's not in M2. Then comes the C. C is the first key that is not already present on M1 so C in the G13 is the first key on the third row.
It's easy when you use ir a pair of times.

Here is the new link
Logitech G13 profile for Dawn of War II & Chaos Rising:



Update: there was a problem with the link which is fixed now.

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