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I'm not a big fan of CS: Source  neither am I an expert CS player. However I do like to spread some lead from time to time. A friend of mine recently discovered the game so I started playing with him. And that required a new profile :-D

So I made this. It's by no means the definitive version. I know it can be improved but by now it works and it has enough features as to be introduced here.

You can see that since this game sports some nice pistols I placed a Double Tap macro right under the thumb. I tried to adjust the timings as accurately as I could but yet there's work to be done here. Next revision will address any oddity I find in this regard.

Weapons 1 to 4 are not just numbers 1 to 4. You know that when you choose a weapon you have to left click to activate it. However if you use this macros there's no need to do so and the weapon you pick may be fired just upon drawing it.

M2 is intended to be a "buy" menu:

I placed Item macros in a calculator fashion. It doesn't need lots of explanations, does it?

And that's all. If you test it and have any constructive input don't be shy and type it, any help will be appreciated.

ELASNO's Logitech G13 profile for CS: Source (Counter Strike: Source)


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