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Today's profile is:

This game really rocks!! It's been a long time since I played it for the first time but since I have some spare time now I decided to install it again and create a nice profile for it. So here it is:

This is M1 layout:

 It's almost the original layout except for grenades and melee. You will notice that keys have the single-player name, ie lean right and left which have different functions in multiplayer. I did it this way to avoid having two or more macros that do exactly the same with different names.
The stick is used to change the suit mode. For this I used a macro that calls the suit menu and then picks the mode. You can get the same result with in-game hotkeys but I prefer this way.

You will notice that there's no weapon menu or binoculars and that there are some new macros.

You can access weapon config menu by pressing G23. As long as you hold it you will shift the layout to M2 AND prompt the weapons menu. M2 looks like this:

 Keys G6, G7, G13, G10 and G19 are used to move through the weapons config options. So if you want to add/remove silencers, lasers etc you just hold G23, use the G-keys and then release G23. Great!
Binoculars are accesed through M2, and quickload/save too.

About the new macros. They combine different nanosuit modes and actions. Strong punch changes your current suit mode to strength, releases a melee atack and goes back to armor mode.

Cloaked fire is intended to be used when cloaked. It changes to cloaked mode, performs a single left button click and goes back to cloaked mode. This way you can snipe without being detected because the suit stays invible for a second or two right after you cancel the cloaked mode. You don't become visible at all.
Timing has been tested with assault rifle, because I just installed the game and I don't have the sniper rifle yet. If recoil is an issue, simply increase the delay. I'll check this as soon as I get the sniper rifle and if there are issues I'll update te profile.

Cloaked jump is similar to the previous one. It changes to strength, jumps and then goes invisible. This way you can perform huge leaps while being invisible.

I'll keep playing the game to see if there are any issues. If I find anyone I'll update the profile but so far all the macros work OK.

Here's the download link:
Logitech G13 profile for Crysis

I hope you like it. Please report any oddity so I can fix it ASAP.
Have fun!

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