World in Conflict

Today's profile is:

Now, this game is one of the best RTS games you can actually play.  The multiplayer experience is very good, it features up to 8 vs 8 players and has loads of units and strategies. And it really encourages teamplay. You will need your team mates as much as they will need your support.

About the profile. It's actually in early stages but since I'm going to be off during the weekend, I thought I'd rather share what I have now. I'll certainly make some corrections but right now this seems to work.
It has a main layout and a secondary layout (M3) that you can access through G-keys 23 and 24.

This is M1:

I'm currently trying different configurations but so far this one looks solid. I actually have some canges in mind so probably the next version will be different.
As you can see, both G23 and G24 are command keys.
Both of them are linked to M3, but they behave different.
G23 triggers the Tactical menu, the one you use to call artillery and air support. You have to hold it while you use it. 

G24 launches the reinforcements menu. You can click it and then click it again to get back to M1.

Here's M3:

M3 is designed to work with both Tactical and Reinforcements menu. You can navigate through their options, call reinforcements and deploy units.

Now, it takes some time to get used to it but I think it's worth it. Anyway, I typed almost all the macros so you can create your own layout.

I hope you like it, if you have any suggestions just type them. They will ber appreciated.

Here you have the link:

Logitech G13 profile for World in Conflict


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