Sniper Ghost Warrior

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I can't say much about this game right now. It's pretty new and I've only played it through the first level. So far it seems it's going to be fun.
Anyway you didn't come here to read a review so let's go to the profile.

In this game you have to hold the crouch button to go prone. It's a bit odd and I guess it's this way because it's a console port.
I placed the melee attack in two different columns so you can trigger it with different fingers. The same goes for the Medikit.

In this game you can zoom in/out with the mouse wheel. However holding down the right button to aim ant zooming at the same time it's nover very comfortable so I wrote a little script that allows you to use sights with G23.

Here's the link

Logitech G13 profile for Sniper Ghost Warrior:


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