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Today's profile is:

First of all, sorry for the delay!  I've been quite busy for the last days and I've not been able to create a profile. I'm back nevertheless and I bring you a profile for Aliens vs Predator.

The game is fun but the multiplayer experience is somehow dissapointing. It's good, but... I don't know why, but the classic game had a different feeling.

However this new version does pack lots of fun and it's worth making a profile. So here we go:

I just used M1 and M2 and despite my attempts, there's no script here. I tried to create a script for Blocking that triggered both Left Mouse and Right Mouse but it seems that the G13 does not handle two simultaneous mouse events so I didn't success. So I created a macro called Block that simply triggers key "9". You will have to bind "9" to Block in order to work and since this is not standard controls, I didn't place it in the profile.

M1 looks like this:

If you are familiar to the game, you will know that in this game you don't run with the usual SHIFT key but with Q. I created M1 in the standard FPS fashion, that is, I placed the Sprint macro exactly where I'm used to, G15, and I bound Focus to G3. I placed a pair of "Health" macros since there were enough free keys and it's a good idea to keep health stims handy.

The  Flare / Vision Mode macro placed in G24 repeats while hold so you can cycle through the Vision Modes with just one click. I added some delay to make it comfortable.

The M2 layout has the Focus and Sprint macros are in AvP default places.

There are one or two minor changes because of this, mainly Sprint has gone to G24 too so you can run and Strafe Left at the same time.

But overall it's the same.

Both M-states share a macro thar simulates the mouse middle button. It's not very comfortable for me to use MMB while gaming so I tend to use macros to simulate it.

Logitech G13 profile for Aliens vs Predator:

I hope you like it.


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