BioShock 2

Today's profile is:

I really missed Rapture and it's halls and locations. I enjoyed a lot the first BioShock and BioShock 2 looks at least as good as the first one.
Yes it has a certain console port feeling but anyway, it's a great game. Strongly recommended!

Now into the profile, this is the main layout, M1:

Here you have the standard FPS keys: crouch, jump, reload etc. However since BioShock2 has up to eight weapon slots and another eigh Plasmid slots, I decided to script G23 and G24 so you can have direct access to each of them. Press and hold G23 will take you to M2, where you can select weapon:

G20 and G21 are used here to Quick Save.

Back to M1, if you press and holg G24 you will jump to M3:

Here you can choose between your plasmids, and also you can Quick Load. 
The reason to use different keys for Quick Save and Quick Load is that it's very frustrating to accidentaly pressing Quick Load when you have managed to pass through a difficult area. So to avoid accidents I use different M-States and keys.

I hope you like it, here's the link:

Logitech G13 profile for BioShock 2

Have fun!

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