Dawn of War II: Retribution

Today's game is:

My favourite game is back!
This profile is the first version. I'm using one of the new Logitech driver's features, which is the M-state functions integrated functions. With previous drivers you had to write a script to use any G key to change the M-state but now there are functions, so it's a bit easier (although perhaps less rewarding. Mmm...)

Well the first thing I should say is that this profile uses the GRID configuration. By default, the game does not use grid controls so you will have to change that in the Options menu.

This is the main layout:

You can deal with your units and camera. In a first attempt, G1 and G8 had F1 and F3, that's whay G2 and G9 have F2 and F4. Surely a future version will change this, when I decide which keys work best there.

This is M2:

While in this mode, you can build and use global abilities. It's not completely exploited as you can see so there's lot of room for improvement.

And so far this is it, I'll leave the links here and as usual, if you find any mistake or want to make any correction please leave a comment. All your constructive input is always welcome!!

Logitech G13 profile for Dawn of War II: Retribution



  1. thanks for commenting on the blog!

    i dont have a g13, but this is pretty awesome. i'm a big fan of the DoW games too, but haven't tried retribution...yet

    i have a g15 keyboard though. know any good applets for that?!?

  2. Thanks a lot for your input!
    I'm also a big fan of DoW games. Pleas add me to your friend list so we can have a game together, either DoW II or Chaos Rising, although I think we can play even if you don't have Retribution (yet ;-D )

    I stopped using my G15 a long time ago when I bought my G13. The G15 was ok but it wasn't that helpful when it came to game with it because the G keys are simply too far away and there aren't that much of them.
    So I'm sorry but I can't point you to any app :-(

    I would really suggest you to test a G13 if you can, it's a great gadget for RTS and FPS games.

    Thanks again for you kind comment!!

  3. I was trying to make a profile for dow2, and I must say, reversing the keys was a stroke of genius! Amazing idea.

    1. Thank you!
      I guess if you're right handed like me then it's more intuitive to have keys reversed. I'm glad you liked it :)