Team Fortress 2

Today's profile is:

Yes, I just discovered this game. I guess I've been playing too many RTS and military FPS games.
I wish I had played it before. It's sooo fun! I love the Pyro mwa ha ha.

And about the profile: since I just started playing I did a profile that simply adresses my needs. I feel that it needs some tweaking,  but right now it works.
It uses M1 for almost everything while M2 has a calculator-style numeric layout to allow communication through the menus.

And this is M2:

G-key 24 has attached an script that allows quick change between M1 and M2.

And that's all about it.
Here's the link:
Logitech G13 profile for Team Fortress 2 by El Asno:



  1. Thanks for sharing. Gave me some good ideas for a solid layout.

  2. Thanks for you input!
    Feel welcome if you want to post your own profile here :-)