Front Mission Evolved

Today's profile is:

Wow, at last we have a nice mecha game. I always liked giant robots and mechas, so I got very excited when I learnt that this game was going to be released for PC too.
 The game is certainly not a master piece but it's fun and looks good.
Anyway I don't think you came here to read a review so let's talk about the profile.

It's pretty simple, it just uses M1. There's a macro (Fire Shoulders) that allows you to fire both shoulder weapons at the same time. I placed the shoulder weapons near the stick so you can fire them while moving.

As you can see, there are lots of unassigned keys. Here's the full list:

I might create more macros as I play the game but so far I think this will be enough.
Here's the link:
Logitech G13 profile for Front Mission Evolved

I hope you like it. Enjoy!


  1. I assume "Sin asignir" means "Unassigned"?

  2. That's right, "Sin asignar" means "Unassigned".
    I use the Spanish version and I can't edit that.

    I hope the rest of the keys are clear.
    Thanks for the input!