Battlefield 3

Today's game is:

First of all: This profile has been made using the actual (4 October 2011) beta. I have not been able to play Caspian Border so I don't have any experience with vehicles. I have included the keys to change seats but there isn't a dedicated profile for vehicles.
I only made a profile for infantry. Vehicle bindings will be very similar but I just felt the need to state this.

Now, I only played a few games so the profile might need some polishing but it seems ok for now.

Here is the layout:

He he, I already was missing cramped layouts with tons of keys.
The full command list is much longer. There are interesting novelties, check them out!

The link:
Logitech G13 profile for Battlefield 3

Hope you like it!



  1. Thank you for these profiles, really never gotten into the G13 before.

  2. Thanks for your warm words! :D

  3. bf3 profile downloads as an xml document...I can't import it. Thanks!

  4. Hello Kristian!

    This is because the latest drivers use .xml files.
    Older drivers saved the profiles as.lgp, but now they use .xml
    Try to update your drivers and you will be able to import the file :)

  5. haha thanks man! That worked! wow, much easier to customize too

  6. Are you updating this for the Released version??? Can you use this for jets??

  7. Hello dawgwillbite!

    I'm sorry, this was built using the beta and it's not updated to retail so you can't use jets with it.
    I'm not going to update it anytime soon because I didn't buy the game yet and I won't do it soon.
    I'll post a new message when I update it.
    Thanks for caring!

  8. hi, was thinking about getting this. have a doubt about the keys, though. are the jump, crouch + sprint buttons not too close to the middle? are they easily (and naturally) pressed, or do you have to twist your fingers?

    thanks in advance?

  9. Hello Paulo!

    Well, if you have big hands then this might be an issue but then I think it's something that will hapen anyway with every keyboard.

    So far I've played all FPS games with this layout without problems, but if you are not comfortable with this layout you can change the bindings.

    Did this help?
    Thanks for your input!

  10. Elasno, the download link is broken, I just got the G13, and would like to try your profile for BF3. Can you check the link, or let me know where I can download it? Thanks!!

  11. Hello C!
    Sorry for the inconvenience,I've been offline for the past three days.

    I tried to download the profile and the link seems to work right now. Perhaps there was a temporal problem with it. Please try again and tell me if it works. If it doesn't I'll upload it again to a different service.
    Thanks for your input!

  12. Have you maybe some other hoster as megaupload isnt anymore and i cant download your G13 settings :(

    thanks in advance

  13. can't download. megaupload banned by FBI. Please provide a new link

    Thank you