Crysis 2

Today's profile is:

 I know I'm a bit late but anyway. I've been waiting to find a nice deal on this game since I didn't want to play 50€ for it. The game is OK but the first one was better in a number of ways like. Anyway, this is not a review blog so I'll stick to the topic.

This is the layout I'm currently using and have uploaded:

The stick can also be used to navigate the weapon and nanosuit customization menus, since they have been assigned keys 1 to 4.

And not much more to say. 
The link:

Logitech G13 profile for Crysis 2

I hope you like it. 

PD: Updates!  See comments for info.


  1. I updated the profile!
    Now M2 is a dedicated multiplayer profile.
    I changed grenades to G-key 13 so they are more accesible. The F button is seldom used so I moved it to g-key 14.
    I added secondary buttons for nanovision and crouch since I use this keys much more in multiplayer games.
    I also added a push-to-talk key.

    I think this profile is much better than the first, it's more comfortable for multiplayer games.

  2. I am sorry, I just got my g13 (yes I am a little slow). How do you load your profile into it? It does not download as a .lpg.....sorry if this is a dumb question...LOL! Thanks, Marc

  3. Hello Bacardi!
    The previous Logitech drivers used to import and export profiles as .lgp files.
    However, the latest drivers don't use this file type anymore and now use .xml files.
    Update your drivers to the latest version and you will be able to import the .xml file with no problems.
    Ask again if you have any doubts! :)

  4. is it possible to get a new link for your config? :) Really appreciate it!


  5. Any chance of DL link updates now that megaupload is shot?

    1. Hello Nik!
      Please try
      It's my profile compilation, I think there is a profile for Crysis 2 there.